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Stud dogs

Archie . Meadovillabs Black Onyx

Stud dogs available for stud to approved bitches .

If you use our dogs for stud, we normally do 2 matings 2 days apart. Payable on first mating. You can be assured of experienced advice if needed for anything from timing of mating, throughout the pregnancy, whelping and the sale of puppies.

All the boys are fit healthy dogs, vaccinated up to date and health checked and health tested.

Timber -Manorroy Master Edition  (RETIRED)

Timber was bred here and is son of the stunning black dog on our cover picture. He has a good hip score with a total of 9 and Elbows 0. Optigen eye tested clear/Normal. His retained offspring have also had very good health test results.

Born 2011. Timber has the gentlest temperament and is the funniest of characters,loves people of all ages and great with other dogs. He is a Proven Stud who has thrown black yellows,chocolates and Fox reds (Also dependant on bitch colour obviously)

His pedigree consists of many well known Show Champions and his line goes back to Manorroy, Sandylands,Poolstead, Rocheby and Oakhouse dogs.

Contact us for Timbers Pedigree.

Some of Timbers puppies below

Duke - Kinloch Pride ( RETIRED) 

Lovely yellow dog with an excellent working pedigree. Sire FTCH Brindlebay Butler , he carries some of the most well known and successful working dog lines. Born 2012 We chose him to produce some slightly lighter build pups as they are more suitable for the people that want a more agile and athletic dog, but without the high need to actually be working all the time. He compliments our girls very well.

He has a good hip score 6,7, 0,0 elbows and is CNM clear and Eyes prcd-PRA clear. His offspring have also had excellent hips, elbows and 100% clear results on all labrador DNA health tests. Another boy with a very gentle biddable temperament. He has the kindest temperament and this is passed on to his puppies.

Proven experienced stud with 100 % success rate so far and has shown to be a good hip improver. Please email for pedigree if interested. We have kept several of his offspring and they have all proven to be very intelligent, focused and keen to learn with excellent test results. All of those gone to pet homes have also been very pleased with the kind gentle temperaments and trainability.

Some of Dukes offspring below

Dexter - Millroseglen Money Talks at Cravessa. ( Retired)

We are very pleased to now own this lovely boy , thanks very much to Vanessa from Cravessa Labs. He's such a cheeky character and has a wonderful temperament. We wanted to get a bit more weight and bone back into our line again and we cant wait to see what he produces for us. Superb show pedigree . He will be available for stud to approved suitably health tested bitches. Hips 3/3, Elbows 0 . 

Gone but will never be forgotten ........

Manorroy Monte Bianco - Stig I felt he ought to be shown as he is the Sire of several of our current girls. Kept because we just love his kind calm temperament and lovely fox red colouring. It is very rare nowadays to get show type fox reds with nice broad square type heads . He has passed his looks down many generations and we can easily spot his offspring by their distinctive very handsome looks.

.... We very sadly had to say goodbye to our Dear boy on Mothers day 2016. He gave us 13 years of love and fun and was an absolute pleasure to own.

Some of Monte Bianco's progeny below.

Manor Farm House Kennels, Townsend Road, Wittering.

Peterborough, Cambs. PE8 6AB

07720498549 / 07941754654 OR E-MAIL

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