Our Labradors

Our labradors are generally the traditional type of labs, mostly with shorter legs and stocky bodies. As mentioned before the Manorroy line has been going for over 70 years and we try to keep true to the old fashioned types. All of our dogs have excellent temperaments and this is passed to their offspring.  They are not only superb temperaments but carefully matched when choosing partners to compliment each others strong points.

Many of our dogs go back to Poolstead and Sandylands breeding as well as the Manorroy line and they are some of the oldest English labrador show lines in the country. Plus more recently we have bred with different lines carrying some of the best known names in working type labs. See stud page for our working type stud Duke.

4 Generations of our lovely Labs, ranging from 6 months old to 10 years old.  (L-R) Timber, Obe, Father and Son and Jess, Ebony, Mother and daughter.

We were lucky enough to own Barney ( A son of the very well known SH CH Sandylands Gad -about and what a character he was !!

Please see  stud dog  page for more on our labrador boys.


One of our homebred retained youngs ladies at Picture at 8 months old.

She has it all, lovely looking, very intelligent and and focused and the most loving fun personality. 

Daughter of Duke and Berry, one of our fox red girls.

She has a very good hip score of 4/4 and 0/0 Elbows.

Barley -  Now retired.

Also bred here and retained to carry on our old line, old fashioned chunky type, very  placid and laid back. Daughter of Old Amber and Finley.

Bracken _ Daughter of our lovely Nell and Denzil. 

Very loyal and willing to please and only a hint of the typical chocolate lab temperament !!!

Now retired.

Ebony  -. She is daughter of Timber. She has his suberb very gentle placid temperament and is the easiest most laid back puppy we have ever kept. Just happy to mooch around doing her own thing.  Ebby also has a good hip score of 6/6 and Perfect 0/0 Elbows.  

Orla    Another lovely homebred and retained young lady. A lively and very intelligent dog.

Another daughter from Duke. She has a great hip score of 5/2 and another with perfect 0/ 0 elbows.

Unfortunately good photos are not her forte, she cant sit still and stop smiling for long enough.