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Breeders of K.C Registered Labradors & Dalmatians

Photo Gallery

Manorroy Dog Gallery Manorroy Dog Gallery Obe Looking as handsome as ever. 62878556 Duke Another Handsome Manorroy boy 62768235 A old picture from years ago. How did we get them all to keep so still ?? 62768236 Obe in the Snow Dec 09 I love this stuff, you can play in it, lay down in it and then eat it !! 62878557 Bailey Full brother to our Cookie 62768234 Lily & Ella 2 of Chequered Barons daughter retained by us. 62768302 Oscar 7 months old 62768246 Georgie waiting for the postman 62768307 Magic & Mull If we sit still he wont see us. 62769351 Holly as always posing for the Camera 62769810 Obe - Fed up Wish it would stop raining - I wanna go out to play. 62769847 Obe & Holly Holmunching carrots while Obe spotted a bird in the distance 62878558 Cookie and Cherry ( half sisters) 152563115 152563116 169208300 203643586 169208302 203643587 169208303 203643588 203643589 203643590